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Write a short paragraph about Mid-Autumn Festival

Việt Ý.
23/11/2018 14:04:31
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Trịnh Quang Đức
23/11/2018 15:46:38
in general, Mid Autumn is a special Festival in Vietnam and some Asiancountries. In fact, Mid Autumn is the festival which intended for children.In VietNam, this festival springs from legend : The moon and a kid. The legend explains how the moon is shinest in mid autumn and why people see a banian tree and a kid on the moon. The moon is called Sister Moon and the kid is Cuoi.
Mid Autumn begins from 14th to 15th in August of Vietnamese lunar calendar.In these days, children are going to pick the lantern up and go around streets or towns. Children will be given gifts such as pies, candies, star lanterns... They will watch lion dance or musical concerts. most of children even follow the dance to everywhere. Some children bring a small torch that includes oil and rag to burn. And others bring clarinet and drum to make the festival more eventful.
However, mid autumn festival is also festival for businesses. The streets have many stores that sell pies, cakes. This is the occasion that many people present cake to each other. Pie mid autumn is a kind of special cake that is made only in mid autumn festival. There are many kinds of pies such as soft cakes, pies with egg , hog pies, croissants… The Pies in mid autumn have special taste. It is sweet and very delicious. Almost VietNamese people love pie mid of autumn and buy it for family.

Mid Autumn became a tradition festival in VietNam. It is a part of Vietnamese culture. Anyone who grown up in VietNam, is regular knowing and joining in this festival.